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Safe Runner

Features of Safe Runner

Determines indicators of your aerobic power:

  • maximum heart rate;
  • maximum running speed;
  • maximum oxygen consumption

Determines indicators of your aerobic capacity:

  • anaerobic threshold heart rate;
  • running speed of anaerobic threshold;
  • Total time of the test;
  • Total distance.

Benefits and Use::

  • automatically detects your heart rate;
  • determines training volume and intensity;
  • assists in cardiorespiratory fitness;
  • test indicators history.

Training program mode:

  • You can perform training sessions based on the indicators obtained from your test results;
  • You can determine the volume and intensity ratio of the training sessions;
  • Allows you to periodize your training program with progression in the intensity of the training throughout the sessions or weeks of training to increase their specific cardiorespiratory condition;
  • Control of the average and maximum heart rate indicators of the training sessions;
  • Caloric expenditure of training session and training week;
  • Database and demonstration charts with maximum and mean values of heart rate responses expressed by training sessions or training weeks.

Already available:

Coming soon:
App SafeRunner - Capacidade e Potência aeróbia

Designed to run at home or in the gym and get the best results!

APP Safe Runner is designed for fitness coaches and people who want to have greater control and results with aerobic training programs.

With this APP you can perform a treadmill test to identify indirectly the two main aerobic indicators obtained during a maximum test evaluation: maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max), maximum capacity that an individual can get, transport and use the oxygen as energy, and it represents a measure of aerobic power and the anaerobic threshold (AT), which represents a measure of aerobic capacity.

The AT is the intensity of exercise in which the flow of lactate presents a breaking point of linearity and comes to accumulate more intensely than previously. In low instensity exercise, there is a balance between the speed of lactate production and removal. Knowing and controlling the AT individually is very important.

With Safe Runner you can identify your AT from the Heart Rate Deflection Point (HRDP) and the corresponding running speed of anaerobic threshold (VAT) or Pace, a specific variable related to the improvement of your aerobic training.

The VAT or Pace allows you to identify specific training thresholds to improve specific running performance, aerobic power and capacity indicators, and increase your energy expenditure throughout your aerobic training session, which will lead you to get the best results.

Safe Runner still assists you in designing and controlling a training program, where you can create aerobic training programs at different relative intensities. From the Specific VAT, you can establish a volume/intensity ratio of your training program, always maximizing your training sessions to get the best results.

Finally, Safe Runner is the APP for athletes, coaches, personal trainers and physical activity practitioners involved with aerobic training programs.

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