Get your exact reaction time . Save, organize and compare your results.
Follow the evolution of your strikes.


Determine indicators of reaction time:

  • reaction time of kicks (RTK)
  • reaction time of punchs (RTP)

The System Features:

  • visual stimulus
  • capture of the response time in different materials (punching bag, pads, etc.)

Benefits and Use:

  • improvementof the reaction time
  • accurate measure of your motor response


Available Soon:

Technology and science of your training in your own hand.

This app helps you identify in a specific manner your reaction time in visual stimulus. TReaction offers you an accurate rate of your motor response for different kicking and punching techniques, captures and informs in milliseconds the time you take to get to a punching bag or a pad with your strikes after a visual stimulus.

The Reaction Time or Response Time (RT) is an important variable for all kinds of combat modes especially with visual stimulus. RT can be defined as the time interval between the showing of a not-anticipated stimulus and the required time to realize the movement after stimulus. In combat sports the RT can be defined as the time interval between the time it takes the athlete to perceive a stimulus and theanswer hitting the target. It ralso represents the time rate that it takes an individual to make the decision and start the action. Therefore, itrepresents a measure indicator of data processing speed. It is one of the most important measures of human capacity in different situations.

TReaction helps you in the training elaboration and control ling the training program, with this you can perform a series of training sessions to develop your RT. With this App you can determine the training program to measure and improve you RT in different kicking and punching techniques.

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