Identify your two main aerobics indicators and improve your training.
Know your limits and improve your results.


Determines indicators of your aerobic capacity and power:

  • maximum heart rate
  • maximum strike frequency
  • maximum oxygen consumption
  • anaerobic threshold heart rate
  • strike frequency of anaerobic threshold

Benefits and Use:

  • automatically detects your heart rate
  • determines training volume and intensity
  • determines the effort/pause ratio (training pace)
  • assists in cardiorespiratory fitness
  • test indicators history


Available Soon:

Developed for Combat Sports Athletes!!

With this App you can identify indirectly and in a specific way the two main aerobic indicators obtained during a maximum test evaluation: maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max), maximum capacity that an individual can get, transport and use the oxygen as energy, and it represents a measure of aerobic power and the anaerobic threshold (AT), which represents a measure of aerobic capacity of the athletes.

The AT is the intensity of exercise in which the flow of lactate presents a breaking point of linearity and comes to accumulate more intensely than it had been previously. In low instensity exercise there is a balance between the speed of lactate production and removal. Knowing and controlling the AT individually is very important for combat sports athletes.

With ITStriker you can identify the athlete's AT using the Heart Rate Deflection Point (PDFC) and the corresponding Strikes frequency of anaerobic threshold (SFAT) or Pace, a specific variable related to combat sports.

The SFAT or Pace keeps indentifying specific training threshold to improve your specific cardio condition required in combat sports. Control and improvement of your Pace will help you delay the timing of lactate high concentration of levels in the blood and will allow you to improve the tolerance and efficiency of removing these levels of lactate concentration in the blood. This directly reflects its performance, since lactate is directly associated with the increase in metabolic acidosis due to the higher concentration of H + ions and, consequently, fatigue and reduction of the technique's efficiency and power of combat.

ITStriker still assists you in designing and controlling a training program, where you can create training rounds at different relative intensities. From the specific Pace or FGLan, you can determine the ratio effort / pause ratio and the volume of your training program, always using characteristic motor gesture of combat sports.

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