Have total control during your training and improve your performance .

Developed for athletes, coaches, personal trainers and sports scientists involved with martial arts and combat sports modalities.


Determine indicators of reaction time:

  • reaction time of kicks (RTK)
  • reaction time of punchs (RTP)

The System Features:

  • visual stimulus
  • capture of the response time in different materials (punching bag, pads, etc.)

Benefits and Use:

  • improvementof the reaction time
  • accurate measure of your motor response

Technology and science of your training in your own hand.

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Determines indicators of your aerobic capacity and power:

  • maximum heart rate
  • maximum strike frequency
  • maximum oxygen consumption
  • anaerobic threshold heart rate
  • strike frequency of anaerobic threshold

Benefits and Use:

  • automatically detects your heart rate
  • determines training volume and intensity
  • determines the effort/pause ratio (training pace)
  • assists in cardiorespiratory fitness
  • test indicators history

Developed for athletes of Combat Sports!!

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Safe Runner Indoor

Features of Safe Runner

Determines indicators of your aerobic power:

  • maximum heart rate;
  • maximum running speed;
  • maximum oxygen consumption

Determines indicators of your aerobic capacity:

  • anaerobic threshold heart rate;
  • running speed of anaerobic threshold;
  • Total time of the test;
  • Total distance.

Benefits and Use::

  • automatically detects your heart rate;
  • determines training volume and intensity;
  • assists in cardiorespiratory fitness;
  • test indicators history.

Training program mode:

  • You can perform training sessions based on the indicators obtained from your test results;
  • You can determine the volume and intensity ratio of the training sessions;
  • Allows you to periodize your training program with progression in the intensity of the training throughout the sessions or weeks of training to increase their specific cardiorespiratory condition;
  • Control of the average and maximum heart rate indicators of the training sessions;
  • Caloric expenditure of training session and training week;
  • Database and demonstration charts with maximum and mean values of heart rate responses expressed by training sessions or training weeks.

Designed for indoor runners !

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