Experting Training System


    We are the Experting Training System, company specialized in the development of APPs with practical and theoretical applications in sports training. We have a team of professional experts in technology and sports scientists, focusing on support for athletes, coaches, personal trainers, sports scientist and practitioners involved with exercise programs that want more control and results.

    Our mission is to offer the best experiences associate with the best technology and science in sports and exercise program. Our concept is based on 4 fundamental pillars for the success of a training program:

    The success of the resultsof a training program is directly dependent on the practical application of the principles of training: individuality, specificity, overload, volume, intensity, continuity, and adaptability.

    We propose an experience of better self-knowledge, through the identification of parameters of physical performance and usage of specific tests that allow the identification of what is its current physical capacity, contemplating the fundamental principle of individuality. The identification of individual parameters is followed by the planning of a specific program training and leads to an intervention with adequate application of the principle of overload and the volume / intensity, and to the intervention with control, performed for a certain period of time (continuity),it is possible to promote the organic adaptations and reach the best results.

    Download our applications today to monitor your training program and progress and get the best experience to reach results!

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